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What is the average electricity bill in the USA? Is yours higher?

The Average Electricity Bill is around $200-300 for the average 1500 SF home in the USA. But really the cost of power bills vary greatly depending on the rate at which you are bills per kwh. If you are having trouble paying for your electricity bill, read below & start finding energy efficient solutions. If you use less electricity, you will lower your energy costs, improve your quality of life, but also save the earth’s resources. Don’t wait for something extreme to happen, start making energy efficient decisions right now throughout your home. If you are needing help understanding your electricity bills, read: Below are 19 quick tips regarding saving electricity at home:

  • Turn off lights when you leave a room.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water unless they're really stained or you are washing just whites.
  • Turn off the "heated dry" feature on your dish washer.
  • Adjust your water heater temperature to 120 degrees or lower.
  • Use low-flow shower heads and sink faucets.
  • Clean your clothes dryer vents to improve efficiency, and reduce fire danger.
  • A programmable home heating/cooling thermostat can help lower energy.
  • Try not to leave the door of your refrigerator open longer than necessary.
  • Always use energy saving light bulbs. These energy saving lights or light bulbs use about one-fourth the energy of incandescent lights of the same light output rating.
  • Look for the "energy saving" logo or notes whenever you buy your new appliances, and buy the highest-rated units. Buy Energy Star Appliances
ways to save electricity by being energy efficient
  • High efficiency water heaters can save money, as can extra insulation. This insulating material surrounds the heater, keeping heat in the heater. This keeps your water hotter for longer, so you do not waste energy re-heating water. Use insulation on the hot-water piping in your home, if you can get at the pipes (like in the basement or garage).
  • Try using all the warm water you plan on using immediately. Try to get all family members to shower one after the other, while the pipes are still warm.
  • Insulation can provide low-cost energy and dollar savings that accumulate year after year, with no further investment required.
  • Use energy efficient insulated windows.
  • Home insulation should be evaluated by a qualified contractor, especially in older homes. Proper insulation in the attic is usually easy to install, and can save it's cost in the first winter or summer. Insulation within outside walls is important, but it's more expensive to install in existing buildings.
Insulating Walls
  • A home energy audit can help you find ways to save money, even if it involves the purchase of alternative sources of energy.
  • Consider Solar Panels to supplement your electricity needs. Some areas even allow you to sell unused electricity back into the grid. Solar power kits sell from a few hundred dollars, and can help on sunny days.
  • Consider Geothermal heating and cooling. Throughout most of North America, the temperatures just 15 feet below the surface remain close to 55 degrees in both summer and winter. Pipes filled with water are placed in trenches and water is pumped through them to maintain a 55 degree temperature in your heat exchanger box. In the summer, air at 55 degrees is heated, and in the winter, air at 55 degrees is fed into to the air conditioning unit.
  • Making Your Home Energy Efficient should also include a visit to, where you can learn how to make your home as energy efficient as possible using the Electric Saver 1200 device.Electric Saver 1200
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The 4 Appliances Wreaking Havoc on your Power Bills…

While fossil fuels are less expensive to run the nation on currently, what happens when we have no more "fuel" to use? And more importantly, if it is less expensive to operate on, why are our rates continuing to increase? No one seems to be asking that question! So, what can you do to lower your electricity bills and tell your power company just where to go with their increasing rate hikes? First, determine what is impacting your power bill the most in your home or business. According to Energy Star, heating and cooling accounts for 40-60% of your power bill. So, by focusing on that alone, you can make a huge dent in lowering that energy bill.

Here are the top 4 appliances that consume a lot of electricity:

1. Air Conditioners Although some new air conditioners are energy efficient, this appliance is considered to be wasteful if not maintained properly. Dirt and other nature's wrath like rust, dust and algae can cause the engine to work hard, thus demand for energy is high.     2. Heat Pumps Like the mechanism of air conditioners, this machine uses a lot of energy to transfer heat from its source to a desired place to heat. The only difference is that, this machine makes or produces heat, thus it requires a tremendous amount of energy.     3. Refrigerators Refrigerators are known to have a constant cooling mechanism that is powered by a powerful engine. According to some researchers, refrigerators are 1 of the top appliances that wastes energy. Every time it is opened, refrigerators waste 7% of energy. In one year, this will sum up to 120 kWh waste energy from the refrigerator alone.       4. Swimming Pool Pumps While swimming pools are a ton of fun, they can be costly to maintain. Your swimming pool pump must run on average 10-12 hours EVERY day. Due to the daily run time, this means alot of energy is adding up on that bill. But, if you aren't keen on filling in that swimming pool, keeping the pool pump running is vital to maintaining the pool properly.   So once you know what's costing you so much money? What can you do about it? You can replace light bulbs and upgrade that old refrigerator. But upgrading to all new appliances or getting a newer more efficient Central A/C system is EXPENSIVE right? What is you do make those systems more efficient for a fraction of the price? The Solution: Electric Saver 1200. This is a energy saving device made in the USA that recycles the energy back to your motors/appliances when they need energy. By doing this, you require less from your power provider. If saving energy just isn't your thing, another benefit of this device is protecting your property from power surges. If your appliances were french fried in a storm tonight, do you have enough reserves set aside to replace them? What about your time spent having to clean out the fridge or find a reliable contractor to install a new heat pump? What is your time really worth to you? How about protecting your property now BEFORE chaos strikes? You deserve less stress and more fun right? Right! Check out the video below to see how it works. Or just visit our main site for more info now! Stop paying high power bills and put more of your hard earned dollars BACK into your wallet to spend on the things YOU DESERVE.     Lighting is a small portion of your bill (roughly 10-12% on average), but it's easy to do, so why not tackle that? Replacing light bulbs with LEDs or CFLs is a cinch. Other ways you can reduce your energy costs include the water heater and dishwasher. Check out the helpful infographic below or visit these posts for even more energy saving tips! energy efficiency habits

Want More Home Energy Saving Tips?

For even more tips to save on electricity bills, visit our guide here! Or To better understand electricity bills, we give a full breakdown here. We have a ton of tips showing how to easily shave 20% (or MORE) off your power bills listed on this page. Thank you for visiting our blog, we loved having you here. We hope you enjoyed our post. Be sure to sign up for your free gift before you go. We can’t wait to see you again soon. Happy Energy Saving!. Source

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Electric Bills are supposed to be high…Right?

If you are one of those households whose electric bill is skyrocketing then you should know these quick steps on how to save 25% on your electric bill in 5 minutes. After reading this article in 5 minutes or less, and as soon as you implement or execute what’s written below, you will be able to lower electric bills. Step 1 – Know what appliances, devices or motors contribute a lot to your electric bill. Knowledge is power and as soon as you gain knowledge of what contributes to your bill, you will know how to deal with it. has reported 40-60% of your bill is from Heating/Cooling Costs (aka your Central A/C or Heat Pump) 4 ways to save electricity Step 2 – Get the Electric Saver 1200 installed on your heatpump, central a/c, or your main electric panel. Although traditional ways of saving electricity are still effective, it cannot be denied that indulging in the technology and latest gadgets available will help in lessening your electric bill.

Step 3 – Learn the features and benefits of this electrical saving devices to be aware of how it can help you and when it will take effect. Step 4 – Watch your power bill and compare last year's usage to this years usage after the unit has been installed for at least 1 billing period. Step 5 – Count your energy savings and put it in an account for you to spend on yourself or your family at the end of the year. You may be surprised how quickly the savings adds up. light bulb cost per kwh Take these important steps to saving up to 25% of your electric bill right away. Start Saving Money & Energy now, Click Here Start Saving Now Want even more energy saving ideas, visit: Be sure to signup & claim your free energy saving gift before you leave! Thanks for visiting our Blog & Reading.  We loved having you here! Post 1st seen here Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

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Why is Power Factor Important?

Have you ever wondered, "Why is power factor important and how does it affect me?" If you have, then read on as we discuss it in detail. First, "What exactly is power factor?" In the simplest definition, power factor is the actual current that is fully utilized by a motor out of the total current that flows into the device. If your power bills are high and you don't know why, learning more about power factor and motors is a great idea. If you use motor driven equipment/appliances on your property, chances are some motors could have a low power factor. When you measure power factor, it can range from 0 to 1. Zero power factor indicates the least utilization of the flowing current. On the other hand, power factor of 1 or 100% is an indicator that all the current flowing through the device is used for useful work by the device. This is the ideal situation as it shows that there is no current wastage and your motor is 100% efficient.

Real Power and Reactive Power

pfc systems devices For a device with a power factor of 50%, it implies that only 50% of the current flowing through the device is used for useful work by the device. In light of this, POWER FACTOR is very important because it is the difference between paying what you should on your energy bills or a whole lot more. power factor formulaIf you own property that uses heavy motor driven equipment of any kind and it is more than a couple years old, it is very important you check out the power factor of large motors/equipment on your property. Most importantly, those that account for a large portion of your energy bill. Failure to do so may mean you might be paying for energy which actually was never utilized for any useful purpose. (=HIGHER ENERGY BILLS) Don't believe me? The US Dept. of Energy stated, “Over 16 Billion Dollars of Electricity is unusable energy, but billable in the U.S." Now that's alot of cheddar right? So now I hope you understand just how important power factor is. Now, what do you need to do to NOT have to pay for unusable energy? The answer is simple. Power Factor Correction Devices. Will these type of devices help ANY motor become more energy efficient, like say, my Central A/C motor that runs year long in Florida? Yep, you betcha. What about my refrigerator or swimming pool pump? Again yes. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, you are billed for electricity used. The meters just measure the electricity your property demands from the power grid. They have no way to tell if that refrigerator in your kitchen is from 1952 or the year 2018... other than how much energy it uses. The only difference in commercial property billing is that IF their power factor is below .95, some power companies bill them a penalty charge. Residential customers are not billed power factor penalties. BUT, this does NOT mean that making your property's motors/appliances more energy efficient isn't cost effective. So whether you have a residential or commercial property, power factor correction can help you.

How can I check my Power Factor & Correct it?

power factor correction meterIf you aren't familiar with electrical equipment or amp meters, for safety, always hire a knowledgeable person that can do this safely. If you are a licensed electrician or knowledgeable enough to do this task safely, we recommend checking it with an amp meter. We use the amp meter- Extech 38076 Model as it measures power factor and a whole lot more and doesn't cost alot of $. By clamping the meter to the wires on the motor, setting the amp meter to read the PF, and then getting a reading while the motor is running, you can see just how "efficient" or inefficient your motors on your property are. Usually the readings are .87 or .38 or .52 whatever, you get the idea. If your power factor reading is below .95, it is a good idea to install power factor correction banks. Not only will they help your motors use less energy, but installing them using's method will also help your equipment run cooler and last longer. This benefit alone is worth the investment to protect your large motors/equipment.

What will it cost me in the long run?

If your equipment were hit by a power surge from a storm tonight and fried, how much would it cost you to replace that motor/equipment? (Central Air Conditioning Systems are not cheap, nor are other heavy machinery motors!) Having to replace any equipment is a big expense that could strike at any moment. But having to replace it when you least expect it REALLY hurts. With the power factor correction products mentioned above, they also protect your motors/equipment against power surges/strikes. If your equipment is needed to run your business, how long can you function without it and at what cost? How much is that worth to you? Do you have the funds set aside to replace all your expensive motor driven equipment if this were to happen tomorrow? Let's shield your expensive equipment and prevent this painful experience from ever occurring. Visit our site and buy your power factor correction banks today. Our products have a product life of 25 years and are maintenance free. That's 25 years of energy savings ready to go BACK into your wallet to spend on something YOU love. Get started on the road to energy efficiency right now! Want to learn how to assess power factor and help others save energy while making a great income? Become a dealer, it's absolutely free to signup and learn. We have tons of articles and videos to help you get started. Visit our dealer page now. power factor correction distributor Energy efficiency is important because NO ONE likes to pay bills, especially when they are higher than they should be! Energy efficiency improves you and your family's life & quality of living. By each of us taking the time to learn what impacts our energy bills the most, and doing something about it, we help not only ourselves, but also our planet, OUR HOME survive better. As always, thanks for reading. Here's a helpful infographic below I thought you'd like: energy efficiency and why its important

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Do You Dread Your Electricity Bill? Read This!

With ever changing electricity bills, balancing your monthly budget can be a challenging task... if you have kids AND a sky high suprise (aka your electric bill this month) it can be rather terrifying.  But have NO FEAR, because we have some ideas  that can help you save energy (and money) EVERY month.  Need even more ideas, visit: From While it’s usually easy to blame your provider for hiking up rates, your bill is actually much more likely to be high because of your usage. To help you start saving money, we’ve identified a few of the culprits behind high household power usage and reminders for how to lower your rate of use.

1. Letting Vampire Appliances Bleed You Dry

energy consuming devicesOne of the main reasons your electric bill may be high is that you leave your appliances or electronics plugged in whether you’re using them or not. While that might not have been such a problem years ago, most modern appliances and gadgets draw electricity when turned off. This is mostly because much of modern technology never really powers down. When you press the "Power" button on your DVR, computer, or television, it actually transition to a standby mode so it can be turned back on faster, either for continued use or to carry out a scheduled task like recording a TV show or brewing a pot of coffee. The problem is, these devices are sitting idle, sucking electricity out of your home while waiting for a command from you or waiting for a scheduled task to run. Anything with a clock, such as microwave ovens and coffee makers — and even older technologies, like VCRs — need power to keep time while turned off.


You can start saving energy by connecting devices to power strips and turning off the power strips when you’re not using them. That way, off will really means off as you’ve effectively disconnected the device from the power source. Check out how these devices rank in terms of energy usage.

ways to save electricity by being energy efficient

Device-Charging Frenzy

5 reason 2Look around your home at all the technology that uses chargers: cell phones, MP3 players, iPads and tablet PCs, electric razors, electric toothbrushes, laptops, portable game systems and a whole slew of similar devices. The more tech- and gadget-oriented you are, the more likely you are to have these devices plugged in and sucking energy from your home — and the more likely you are to pay an expensive electric bill because of them. Solution: Unplug AC adapters and chargers from sockets when not actively charging a device, as they’ll pull electricity simply from being plugged in. Also, make sure to only charge your devices when they need it. Unnecessary charging not only costs money, it can shorten your gadget’s battery life. So, the next time your electric bill sends you into a wave of budgetary panic, consider the source before calling out your energy provider. Chances are, you have a thing or two to change about your household energy consumption. Energy Efficiency in any Weather We hope you enjoyed our post! For even more energy saving ideas, visit our site Electric Saver 1200 and don't forget to follow our blog :) All the Best in Energy Saving!

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Huge Utility Bills? No Problem!

Are you fed up with rising utility bills? With so much power consumption in this day and age, it is no laughing matter that electricity is so much more costly than decades ago. What’s worse is that salaries have not risen in the same proportion. Though some electricity is generated from renewable sources of energy, most currently are not. This gives a very good reason to start saving electricity. Our responsibility to save electricity and safeguard our planet’s precious resources is not a difficult journey if you have the right knowledge.   By determining what things in your home are consuming the most energy and for how many hours per day, you can easily focus on where to start and make the biggest impact.     This could be done in several ways. We recommend assessing your power consumption on the motors in your home because heating and cooling accounts for 40-60% of your power bill. By finding the heat pump or Air Conditioning System that uses the most energy in your home, you can then use an Electric Saver product to make it more efficient. By availing yourself of the Electric Saver, you not only save energy, but also money & improve your life by doing so. Question about saving energyLet me ask you a question... If you could save just 1 month of electricity every year, for the next 25 years, what would you spend your energy savings on? While you may want to spend it on more vacations or more Christmas gifts to loved ones, sometimes it's just nice to have a little extra. It's nice to have more financial freedom right?   The energy efficient product I use and have installed on all my neighbors homes (and all my family/friends' homes too) is called the Electric Saver 1200. This device is a quality Made in USA product manufactured in Okeechobee, FL. This product also helps extend the life of your electric appliances/motors and safeguards your home from electric spikes & surges too. Because no one wants to come home from work to a fried refrigerator and the week's groceries spoiled, right? Just that feature alone is why most smart homeowners install this product. But check out the other reviews other users have given about the Electric Saver 1200- NOT just my family and friends lol! The pic below is from a happy business owner shared by 1 of our distributors. electric saver review

Here's how it works:

Want more ways to save energy?

For even more tips to save on electricity bills, visit our guide here! Or To better understand electricity bills, we give a full breakdown here. We have a ton of tips showing how to easily shave 20% (or MORE) off your power bills listed on this page. Energy Efficiency is key!   Thank you for visiting our blog, we loved having you here. We hope you enjoyed our post. Be sure to sign up for your free gift before you go. We can’t wait to see you again soon 🙂 Happy Energy Saving!. Source Save Save

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What can you recycle?

The planet we live on is quickly deteriorating and it is up to us to do our part to help. There are many things that you can do to help our environment. Recycling is just one of those activities you can take part in. But, what can you recycle? Some of the answers below are not usually thought of. Read on for more. Many of the items you use every day can be saved from the landfills by taking just a minute to recycle. Continue reading to learn how recycling saves energy and how you can go green and make the most of your recycling efforts. The first thing you need to do is check with your local area and find out about recycling where you live. Some places will pick up your recycling at your curb. They may ask for you to separate it, or you may not have to. Some areas will require you to bring in your recycling. Again, find out if it needs to be separated and how. No matter how your recycling materials are recycled, you need to find out just what you can turn in.   Glass is a material that can usually be recycled. Some areas do not recycle glass as it is so heavy and it takes too much gas and energy to recycle it. Many common items come in glass containers. As you finish these products, rinse out your glass bottle or jar and either reuse it or recycle it. Plastic can also be recycled. A lot more products are now coming in plastic. Many sauces you may eat come in plastic containers. Drinks come in plastic bottles. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash and laundry detergent, as well as other items, all commonly come in plastic bottles.   Check on the bottom of your plastic containers to find out what level plastic it is. Some recycling places will ask that your plastics are separated by number and some will be fine with you sending them all in together. You can also recycle plastic grocery bags. Most stores that use these bags will recycle them. Metal can be recycled, too. If you drink anything out of cans, those can be recycled. Also, any cans you have gotten food out of can be recycled. The great thing about metal is you can generally be paid for it. Look for a scrap yard in your area. Scrap yards usually take metal products, including cans and anything else that is metal and will pay you a set price per pound or ton. Paper products are recyclable. Do you get junk mail? Do you read the newspaper or magazines? These items can be recycled. You can also recycle thicker paper products. Many food products or other items you buy come in paper packaging. Most of these paper packages have the ability to be recycled. Cardboard boxes can be recycled, too. Batteries and other electronics should be also recycled. Usually you will have to take these to a special place. Most of the time the big electronic stores will take these and recycle them. Did you know you can also recycle energy? That's right. The motors and appliances we use nowadays require more energy that that of homes in the 1950's. And with rising energy rates, it's now cost effective to do it. If you use a refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer, and any appliances in your kitchen, recycling energy is a great thing to do. Not only for the environment, but also for you pocketbook. If you could have a month of free electricity every year, what would you spend that on? Whether it's a camping trip with the boys, or an extra gift to yourself or a loved one at Christmas, it's always nice to have a little extra right? To learn how to recycle energy in your home (and get your return on investment in less than a year, and have the next 25 years of $ put back in your wallet)... learn more here. Recycling is a great thing to do for the environment. Next time you go to throw something away, keep the information in this article in mind! energy saving ideas Thank you for visiting our blog, we loved having you here. We hope you enjoyed our post. To better understand electricity bills, click here. For even more tips to save on electricity bills, visit Here! Be sure to sign up for your free gift before you go. We can’t wait to see you again soon 🙂 Happy Recycling! . Source Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

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