Wednesday, April 1, 2020

I have a Confession to Make About Energy & PF…

I have a confession to make... Becoming more energy efficient and reducing PF penalties is all BS. I've spent years totally BS'ing you and hustling you about energy efficiency. It doesn't matter, you should just give all your money to your power company...say WHAT?!? HAHA! April Fools! Of course Energy Efficiency matters... as long as you want every dollar you earn to be used on something that actually benefits you, it is IMPORTANT! Do you ever wonder why power bills keep climbing higher, yet nothing has changed in your home year in, year out? Finding out the cause is the first step to ensuring you manage the electric bills and save more. But the kicker on residential properties is... Power Factor penalties don't exist. understanding high electricity bills Residential Customers are NOT billed power factor penalties. However, actual loss (energy inefficiency) in your electrical wiring in your home you ARE billed for! So what's the problem? Energy inefficiency is the problem. You are paying for the energy, but don't get the benefit of it. It's like taking a gallon of milk and pouring half of it on the ground. A Homeowner benefits by reducing the losses in their home aka making his/her home more energy efficient. By installing an Electric Saver 1200 device in your home, you can make your home more energy efficient and protect it against power surges. This product has helped so many people save on their power usage. The conventional way in which power travels from the transformer to the motor in your home encounters some power loss which is charged by the power company. Yet, its not being used in your household, that's called ENERGY INEFFICIENCY plain and simple. electric saver box The Electric Saver works by recycling otherwise lost energy. By reducing the heat on your motor wires this reduces your electricity bill. In addition, major electric appliances such as the refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioner have inductive motors that promote energy wastage. This is reduced by use of the Electric Saver as it recovers and recycles wasted energy leading to a decrease in electricity bills. This product is very effective as it is available for both single home motors as well as complex business unit size models for commercial locations. The product can be installed to your business or home indoors our out as the box casing is rainproof. The product has a life expectancy of 25 years. What a great way to save energy and protect your home appliances from power surges and spikes. This product is easy to install and is maintenance free. This product can be used in businesses, factories, offices, schools and homes in reducing electricity. You can purchase this product anytime online and you will get it delivered with full instructions of use. There is also a 1 YEAR money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose, except high power bills! Buy Electric Saver 1200 Now! And when it comes to Power Factor Penalties, it's a double whammy for commercial property owners. Not only are they overpaying when they have energy inefficiencies, but they are also billed a power factor penalty too! By making the business more energy efficient, you can reduce the energy losses AND reduce the Power Factor Penalty (if done properly-contact me for details if you need help doing this). So, a homeowner benefits, but business owners REALLY benefit in more ways than one.

For even more tips to save on electricity bills, visit our guide here! Or To better understand electricity bills, we give a full breakdown here. We have a ton of tips showing how to easily shave 20% (or MORE) off your power bills listed on this page. Thank you for visiting our blog, we loved having you here. We hope you enjoyed our post. We can’t wait to see you again soon. Happy Energy Saving!. 1st seen here

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Monday, March 30, 2020

China has made a reputation for themselves and it’s not good :(

Because AMERICA has had so many jobs go overseas, we all need to support America and buy American Made Products. But with limited resources, sometimes the price is THE decision maker in a household. But why should you go out of your way to buy American? Because in the long run, it really does matter. By buying American made products and supporting local businesses, YOU can improve the economy and add jobs to your community. Today, we decided to write about our American Made product and why it's the best. Not because we think so, but because China has made a reputation for themselves without anyone else's help in ALL industries. And although competing with China has been a very TOUGH game, especially when families in America are given no other choices. Now we are giving EVERYONE a choice. Now American Companies are getting the support and recognition they need to thrive. We proudly manufacture the Electric Saver 1200 in the good 'ol USA. It's an electricity saving box that makes your home more energy efficient by focusing on motor driven equipment. And while our prices are very competitive, our quality can't be beat. When it's something electrical attached to the place your loved ones inhabit, or your coworkers spend the majority of their awake time, quality & safety matters. You can visit if you want to find out more about this product. KVAR Electric Saver Box Why is the ELECTRIC SAVER 1200 considered to be the best among anything else in the market? First, the Electric Saver 1200 is safe. When it comes to all things electrical, be sure the product you are installing has been safety tested. Second, it is budget friendly. We understand what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck, IT SUCKS. Our mission is to offer an affordable electric saver box to every household in the world. Thus, improving the way of life of every individual. Results are guaranteed or your money back. Third, the item has product liability insurance. We carry a $2M dollar policy on our product to ensure your loved ones are protected, no matter what. Because not only is quality a BIG DEAL to us, so is safety. We know that everyone is human, so taking an extra step just as a precaution is best. Think Green What if the product stops working? There is no need to worry because your purchase of the product includes a 20 year warranty. This means, you are covered for 20 years against workmanship or product defects. Why is the Electric Saver 1200 so affordable compared to the thousands in savings I can receive? We manufacture our products. There are no middle man. As a result, we can keep the prices low. (Unlike other electrical power savers being promoted by middleman and they jack up the price. Yes, there are some that sell these boxes for alot more. And there are some-like China- that sell these boxes alot less with cheap components.) Are we as cheap as China?... no. But we ensure we use the best quality products to maintain quality & safety. But when you compare our prices vs. theirs AND CONSIDER the quality of product? Ours is a home run! Buying American means long term satisfaction. When we build American made products, we want the words to pop into your mind: Tough, Safe, Quality, Dependability & Value= Built to Last!

Am I Buying American? made-in-the-usa-with-pride Yes! We manufacture our products in Okeechobee, FL USA (just 2 hours south of Disney World :) We believe that quality workmanship is of utmost important in any product. We are doing our part to bring more jobs back to America. We love our country and we love providing jobs to hardworking Americans. When you buy from us, you are buying quality American Manufactured Products. made in usa electricity saving box To learn more about our products, visit: We hope you enjoyed our post! For even more energy saving ideas, visit our site above. We love sharing more and more energy saving ideas with you. Thanks for visiting, we loved having you here. All the Best in Energy Saving!   1st seen here

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Friday, March 27, 2020

What’s the Cost of Average Electricity Bill in USA? (& Tips to Lower Them ;-)

The Average Electricity Bill is around $200-300 for the average 1500 SF home in the USA. But really the cost of power bills vary greatly depending on the rate at which you are bills per kwh. If you are having trouble paying for your electricity bill, read below & start finding energy efficient solutions. If you use less electricity, you will lower your energy costs, improve your quality of life, but also save the earth’s resources. Don’t wait for something extreme to happen, start making energy efficient decisions right now throughout your home. If you are needing help understanding your electricity bills, read: Below are 19 quick tips regarding saving electricity at home:

  • Turn off lights when you leave a room.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water unless they're really stained or you are washing just whites.
  • Turn off the "heated dry" feature on your dish washer.
  • Adjust your water heater temperature to 120 degrees or lower.
  • Use low-flow shower heads and sink faucets.
  • Clean your clothes dryer vents to improve efficiency, and reduce fire danger.
  • A programmable home heating/cooling thermostat can help lower energy.
  • Try not to leave the door of your refrigerator open longer than necessary.
  • Always use energy saving light bulbs. These energy saving lights or light bulbs use about one-fourth the energy of incandescent lights of the same light output rating.
  • Look for the "energy saving" logo or notes whenever you buy your new appliances, and buy the highest-rated units. Buy Energy Star Appliances
ways to save electricity by being energy efficient
  • High efficiency water heaters can save money, as can extra insulation. This insulating material surrounds the heater, keeping heat in the heater. This keeps your water hotter for longer, so you do not waste energy re-heating water. Use insulation on the hot-water piping in your home, if you can get at the pipes (like in the basement or garage).
  • Try using all the warm water you plan on using immediately. Try to get all family members to shower one after the other, while the pipes are still warm.
  • Insulation can provide low-cost energy and dollar savings that accumulate year after year, with no further investment required.
  • Use energy efficient insulated windows.
  • Home insulation should be evaluated by a qualified contractor, especially in older homes. Proper insulation in the attic is usually easy to install, and can save it's cost in the first winter or summer. Insulation within outside walls is important, but it's more expensive to install in existing buildings.
Insulating Walls
  • A home energy audit can help you find ways to save money, even if it involves the purchase of alternative sources of energy.
  • Consider Solar Panels to supplement your electricity needs. Some areas even allow you to sell unused electricity back into the grid. Solar power kits sell from a few hundred dollars, and can help on sunny days.
  • Consider Geothermal heating and cooling. Throughout most of North America, the temperatures just 15 feet below the surface remain close to 55 degrees in both summer and winter. Pipes filled with water are placed in trenches and water is pumped through them to maintain a 55 degree temperature in your heat exchanger box. In the summer, air at 55 degrees is heated, and in the winter, air at 55 degrees is fed into to the air conditioning unit.
  • Making Your Home Energy Efficient should also include a visit to, where you can learn how to make your home as energy efficient as possible using the Electric Saver 1200 device.Electric Saver 1200
Start Saving Money on your Electricity Bill in a matter of days! We hope you enjoyed our blog post! Be sure to claim your free energy gift and even more tips by signing up now. Thanks for visiting, we love having you here! Please share our posts with all your friends and family too :)

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

All Your Neighbors Will Be Jealous When You Do This! :)

Want to brag at the next neighborhood BBQ? While that may, or may not, be your reasoning to implement the below tips (wink wink), you definitely can make your neighbors jealous... IF you so choose. Simply implement and then track your before/after power bills to "share with your neighbors" (insert evil laugh here- Woohoohoohahaha!) So, here are some of the best ways to save electricity at home. If you use Electric Saver, your appliances can become more energy efficient. It also helps increase the life expectancy of the home appliances. You will be protected from power surges and wasted energy. If you do experience brownouts, Electric Saver can help. heating energy loss

Here are some helpful tips to lower energy bills:

  • Always unplug appliances when they are not in use. Even if they are turned off, they are still consuming electricity.
  • Put away your chargers until you use them. Although you might need them to charge your personal gadgets, don't plug them in until you actually need them.
  • Switch off home theater equipment, TV, or stereos. If they stay on standby mode, their accumulated consumption might amount to a 75-watt bulb that is turned on continuously.
  • Set your power settings in your computer when they are still not in use. An hour of inactivity should automatically turn the computer off. You can do the configuration through the energy management system of the computer.
  • Enable hibernate mode feature if computer inactivity reaches 15 minutes or more. It saves you energy and time compared to shutting the computer down completely. It would keep the opened tabs intact even when the system is hibernating.
  • Take advantage of the sunlight. Instead of letting your heater work endlessly, open the windows and let the light and warm air in. At night, close the windows and their shades or blinds to retain the heat within the house.
  • During the summer, give your A/C system a break by making sure the windows, shades or blinds are closed. This would seal off the cool air from going out and the warm air from coming in.
  • Let your water heater run at 120 to 130 degrees. This would stop you from using more electricity to heat the water for your dishwasher or to heat more water once you run out of hot water.
  • Always turn off the lights in empty, unused rooms.
  • Make full use of the daylight.
  • Set the freezer in 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit and the refrigerator temperature in 38 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the door is closed tightly.
  • Dry your laundry in the clothesline instead of fully depending on the dryer.
  • Avoid preheating the oven or constantly peeking in to check the food.
  • Use cold water for washing and rinsing the clothes.
If you practice these things at home, you will see a reduction in your energy consumption. Want to Start Saving Money and Electricity the Easy Way? Click The Buy Now Button below: Best Buy Energy Saver saving-energy-easy   For even more tips to save on electricity bills, visit our guide here! Or To better understand electricity bills, we give a full breakdown here. We have a ton of tips showing how to easily shave 20% (or MORE) off your power bills listed on this page. Thank you for visiting our blog, we loved having you here. We hope you enjoyed our post. Be sure to sign up for your free gift before you go. We can’t wait to see you again soon. Happy Energy Saving!. Source  

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Help with Sky High Energy Bills…

understanding high electricity billsToday, one of our major concerns is to save money and energy. With energy bills sky high and rates constantly increasing too, it is no surprise you are sick of it. We are too. When you receive your power bill, do you REALLY analyze or EVEN understand what is listed on your bill, or do you just pay it and grumble? Isn't is time you told your power company, enough is enough?!? Below are some helpful things you can do to lower your power bills and reduce your energy consumption right now. However, there are other ways to save as well. Here are some methods to start saving:

  • Invest on energy competent appliances
  Buy appliances that suit your needs. Keeping a check on the energy consumption for each device will help to reduce utilization of energy and the standby power consumption as well. Look carefully for the energy saving features and the energy stickers on them. Selecting appliances that are appropriate for the purpose you have in mind will give you great savings on your energy bill. For example, adequately to cool a room of 10' x 10', you need only a 0.75 ton or maximum 1-ton air conditioner. If you buy a 2-ton air conditioner for the same room, that would be wasteful and definitely overkill. You would be consuming double the power for no reason at all. Such matters require your consideration before purchase. Speaking of appliances, make them as energy efficient as possible by purchasing and Electric Saver 1200. This device can help make the motor driven appliances in your home more energy efficient requiring you to consume less from your power provider. And it lasts for 20 years so you are putting thousands in your pocket from this investment.

  • Microwave
For purposes of heating small quantities of food, microwaves use less energy than the other conventional OTG ovens and the normal gas stoves. The electric waves of the microwave oven consume less energy because it heats only the food particles and nothing else; the process of heating up food is much faster than any other medium and consequently an 80% saving in consumption of electricity is a normal estimate. It generates very little excess heat in the cooking area and results in the lesser usage of air conditioning.
  • Power Strips
Certain electronic devices consume a small portion of energy even when you switch them off and leave them in standby mode. Our television and computer systems are apt examples. Though they consume very little energy, cumulatively, they contribute their mite towards the electricity bill generated monthly. The power switch is an aid to this issue. By just flicking a switch, you could stop the flow of energy completely. New versions of these power strip switches cater to almost every electrical/electronic appliance.
  • Programmable Thermostat
programmable thermostatThermostats with a programmable feature are ideal for you to regulate the extent of energy needed by your air conditioners or heaters during your absence from your home or office. You could conveniently program your thermostat to provide the right temperature that would utilize optimum power. This feature makes it comfortable for yourself to get in to your home after a long holiday and not feel stuffy as it maintains the right duly programmed temperature. The feature gives you the advantage of lower power consumption in your absence and the right temperature to keep you comfortable, when you return.
  • Battery Charger
In the end, rechargeable Alkaline Batteries are more economical than the use and throw ones, which contribute to the toxic waste. In the final analysis, the manufacturer consumes lesser power and the issue of toxic landfill is controlled. Use new and efficient battery chargers that will not tax your power consumption. energy efficiency habits We hope you enjoyed our post as much as we loved having you here. Follow our blog & Be sure to like/share with all your family/friends! Be sure to visit our site today. Source Save Save

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Friday, March 20, 2020

An Energy Saving Technique that REALLY packs a punch…

Loоkіng fоr waуѕ to save mоneу? Power tо уоur home оr busіnеѕѕ іѕ оnе оf thе largest expеnѕеѕ yоu wіll havе. Wеll todау, thеre is a little box, called the Electric Sаver 1200, whіch you саn instаll on your property to help you do just this. As yоu will sоon dіѕcоvеr thеrе arе mаnу differеnt dеvісeѕ оn thе mаrkеt thаt сan hеlр уоu to аchieve your gоals оf rеduсіng yоur eleсtrісity billѕ eaсh yеar. The Electric Savеr dеvіcе helps yоu make your home more energy efficient by focusing on the motors/appliances in your home. Howеver, thiѕ dеvісе dоеѕ mоre thаn just reduсe thе аmоunt оf еlесtrісitу you consume. It сan also helр to еxtеnd thе lіfesрan of thе appliances аnd air соndіtіоnіng ѕуѕtem in уоur home aѕ wеll. Wіth this dеvіce, уоu wіll find that your motors & appliances will last longer and will nоt nеed to bе rерlaсed аѕ оftеn. Plus уou wіll аlѕо fіnd that you don't havе tо sреnd so muсh eасh yеаr on аctuallу maіntаinіng аnd rераirіng the ѕуѕtеm aѕ wеll. As for thе іnѕtallаtiоn, thеsе саn bе fitted bу уоursеlf or you can еmplоу thе ѕerviсеs оf а quаlifіed electriсіаn or handyman. Full іnѕtаllatіоn іnѕtruсtіоns are provided. The асtuаl іnstаllаtion of thе Electric Sаvеr dеviсе wіll оnlу tаke а mаttеr of minutes tо сomplеte. But оnсе іnstalled you аre аlreаdу on уоur way tо rеducing уоur аnnuаl utіlitу bіllѕ. In fасt when уou recеivе уоur nеxt utilіtу bіll уоu wіll be amаzеd at јust hоw muсh thіѕ lіttle devіcе has hеlpеd уou.   Sо аll in аll, if уou wаnt tо be onе that nоt оnly ѕavеѕ уourѕеlf moneу, but hеlрs to rеduсе thе world'ѕ cаrbоn fоot print іt is wоrth cоnsіdеrіng inѕtallіng аn Electric Sаver devіcе. Not оnly will уоu be muсh haррiеr beсаuѕе уоur energy billѕ аre соstіng lesѕ but yоur envіrоnment wіll be far better аs well. Start Saving Money on your Electricity Bill in a matter of days! Enjoy that extra $20, 30,possibly even $50 EVERY month and spend it on something you love! Buy Electric Saver 1200 Now! We hope you enjoyed our post as much as we loved having you here. Be sure to like/share our posts because we know your family & friends deserve a more improved life too! Follow our blog for more helpful posts! Thanks for visiting. Source Save Save

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Electricity Saving Devices & How Do They Work?

curious about the electric saver 1200 how does it work Most of us have heard of electricity saving devices. But, when referring to the brand, Electric Saver 1200 we know it's a common question many ask. So we have written a post for you discussing, Electric Saver- How Does It Work, and a quick video showing you what the talk is all about. It's a little box that is installed (by a handyman in about 20 minutes) into your electric panel that helps make your home more energy efficient and protects it from power spikes and surges.

Electric Saver How Does It Work?

Well it works like this. By recycling energy that is normally wasted and feeding it back to your home's motor, you only use the energy your home needs. By doing so, you demand and use less from your power provider. But why would you want to do that? Everybody I know loves paying outrageously high power bills, right? Yeah, exactly. You could be spending your hard earned dollars on something more important to you. Whether it's a new set of golf clubs, that weekend getaway you've been wanting to take, or just extra fundage for a rainy day, saving energy= more of what's important to you. Stop Wasting Electricity! To get a little more technical, continue reading... or just watch the video below :) When a motor in your home turns on, it demands energy from your energy provider, it order to send you enough, the provider rushes in current to your home or business. The motor only needs a certain amount to run, the excess energy flows through your electrical wiring in your home and disperses in the form of heat and is wasted. Even though residential customers don’t pay power factor penalties (businesses do!), they do pay for inefficient motors in their home like Central A/C systems and inefficient appliances! When installed, The Electric Saver grabs the excess energy that your home currently is wasting and feeds it back to the motors in your home so that you need to buy less from your power company. So if you are sick and tired or high power bills, it's time to do something about it. Say yes to a more stress free life. Say yes to more happiness. We guarantee you will be so satisfied with the results of the Electric Saver 1200, we include a 1 year Money Back Guarantee! That’s how strongly we believe we can help you save your money and the planet. Get Yours Today!Get Yours Today!Learn how much you can save by living a greener life! To read more articles on lowering energy bills, go here. We hope this post helps you on your journey to lower electricity bills. Please share so that others get helpful tips too! To read more about better understanding electricity bills, click here. Thank you for visiting our blog, we loved having you here. We can’t wait to see you again. Source

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